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Eklektika has had the privilege of collaborating with various musicians, artists, composers, orchestras, dancers, circus performers and poets over the years, including:

Alistair Davies - lighting and theatre production (2013 - 2023)

Songs for Peace (2022) - Leaf Klevjer (tanpura and raga), Men of Hope Choir, Dr Mojgan Habibi (Iranian dance), Nataliya Tasevska (piano), Rita Woolhouse (cello), Ann Lehmann-Kuit (guitar), Matt Bourne (percussion)

The Construct (original score by Stubbs, 2021) - Circus Monoxide and aXis Productions

Radiohead: How to Disappear Completely (2020) - Heidi Hillier, Wendy Regan, Corie Hurry (performance); Holden Davies, Javier Valledor, Thony van der Mol, Nicholas Russo (video production); Rita Woolhouse (cello)

East meets West: Under One Sky (2018) - David Vance (choirmaster), Kyle Little (violin), Siobhan Mewes (violin), Rita Woolhouse (cello), Miffy Ryan (viola), John Spillane (whistle), Ann Lehmann (guitar), Sako Dermenjian (classical guitar), Nad Ragheb (Egyptian flute), Jamal Zraika (percussion), Matt Bourne (percussion), Virginia Keft (dancer), Folkier Than Alice

Sgt Pepper's: with Strings Attached (2018) - Wendy Regan and Maree Alwert (Circus WOW), Rita Woolhouse (cello)

The Phoenix Suite (2017) - Steel City Strings chamber orchestra

Cabaret Gothique: the Edge of Madness (2017) - Tim Allen (narration), Julie Storer (musician), Rita Woolhouse (cello)

1916 Easter Uprising (2016) - Maurie O'Sullivan (orator), Rita Woolhouse (cello), Miffy Ryan (viola), Johnny Spillane (whistle, bodhran), Siobhan Mewes (violin) 

Phoenix Suite (original score by Stubbs, 2015) - Why Documentaries and the National Traditional Chinese Orchestra

Cabaret of Broken Dreams (2013) - Funkier Than Alice​

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